beautiful mountain and lake scene

Review: One Model To Learn Them All

Recent advancement in the field of deep learning has enabled us to develop models that yield impressive results across various fields, from image classification, object detection, to…

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A beautiful mountain scene

What is Data Augmentation?

Data augmentation is a process that enables you to increase the amount of training data by making reasonable modifications in your existing data. It helps you to…

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Cityscape dataset segmantation example

Unet Segmentation in TensorFlow

In recent years deep learning is a huge success in the world of computer vision, making deep learning the new tool in the digital image analysis. It has made computers understand the visual data much better than ever before. In this article, I’ll go into details about one specific task in computer vision: Semantic Segmentation using the UNET Architecture.

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Different breed of dogs

Dog Breed Classification using Transfer Learning in TensorFlow

In this article, we will go through the TensorFlow to build a Convolutional Neural Network that will help you to identify the breed of a dog from its image. In the process, we will use Transfer Learning and learn how to design, train and test models with the provided dataset.

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An image of brain

What is Deep Learning

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing at a great pace and deep learning is one of the main reasons for this, so all the people need to…

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